Friday, April 20, 2012

My Alpaca visit...

I mentioned last week that we had taken a trip out to a nearby Alpaca farm, I have posted a few pics of these facinating animals over the years, when the owners have brought a few into town, for different events. Last year, I had planned to go out and see the bunch of them (they have over 30) in their own surroundings. Thoroughly enjoyed my outing, asked a million questions and got some cute shots of them.
I will be seeing them a few more times this summer as Jo-anne mentioned that they are coming to the campground where we camp, in July, for our annual 'fun day' and also our photo club are planning a
visit in June to the farm for an afternoon. The owners are kept very busy as they also, knit and spin the
yarn into items to sell.
She also mentioned, she thinks two of them are pregnant, will be born in June, would be cute to get pics of the babies...
Here are some of my favorite shots...

This is what she thought of me being

 Look at the blue eyes on this gal...


  1. Oh Bon these are delightful! The last photo of the blue-eyed alpaca is so sweet.

  2. What faces! Thanks for sharing them. So cute!

  3. Love these guys! We've visited an alpaca farm and they are such characters.

  4. Wonderful pictures of an amazing animal!

  5. Thanks everyone!! I hope to get more pics of these gals over the summer!!