Friday, May 18, 2012

A Snapping Turtle...

This trip turned out to be amazing for my 'firsts' first bear, first cardinal and first turtle and more. There are a few lakes in the area which have large turtles in them. I have never been lucky enough to see one, but always on the lookout when we go down south. Both our highways that lead out of Timmins, one being toward Sudbury and the other toward North Bay, and closer to these areas is where the turtles are. We actually started home on highway 11, which passes Marten River, but due to a forest fire in the
area, and the road being closed, we turned back, went back to Field On, and took the 144 highway, (this is where I got the bear)
so now that I have you completely confused, I will show you the pics of the Snapping Turtle, I got on the side of the road near Marten River. He was huge, over a foot long and probably just as wide, he kept his eye on me as I talked to him, he was so cute, I just wanted to pet him, but hubby cautioned me against that. When I finished taking his pics, we shooed him back down into the ditch, hopefully he stayed there as it is a very busy highway.


  1. Now that Turtle is impressive - I Would "not" reach and touch!!

  2. Oooh! You got a great shot of him!

  3. I wouldn't want to get too close to this fellow either. The fact that he's called a snapping turtle would give me pause. Your forced detour had some nice surprises for you. I've often found that detours that we think are a nuisance lead to some wonderful encounters.