Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taking flight..

A breathe of fresh air in my life this morning, this little fellow has just left the nest and was taking short flights down to my bench, up to the arm rest, then the back and up into the tree, hope he makes it. His mother swooped down at my a dozen times, I am sure she hit my hair a few times, she was ticked!!
As some of you may have heard on the news, Northern Ontario, Timmins and Kirkland Lake have a major
problem with forest fires at the moment. We have one huge one, south of us, 30 km. appr, from town, but so many camps and cottages in its path, it is over 30,000 hectares. Timmins is in a state of emergency, today finally promises to be a little cooler, less winds, so hopefully the crews will get a handle on this nightmare. We have all been holding our breath, many evacuations also. It is the worst fire in Canada and the worst for a long time.
I do have some pics to post when things settle down, but for now this one put a smile on my face this morning. We are all praying for rain....


  1. Great photo...And we're having rain all weekend..maybe some of it will move your way. Hope so!

  2. Oh, such a sweet little baby! We've been hit with a lot of wild fires down here in Florida this spring too.

  3. Love the photo! Hope your wildfires calm down soon. Living with so much forest land around us we are always facing the threat of wildfires in the spring and summer, so I know how scary they can be. Fortunately most of them burn in unpopulated areas, but even so we can get a lot of smoke rolling into town.