Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Your eyes are bigger than...

your stomach" mom used to say this phrase to me when I would be wolfing down my favorite foods..did your mom ever say it to you?

Seeing this, yesterday, made me think about the phrase. It did give me a smile anyway.

While sitting on a park bench at our local Gilles Lake park, I noticed this seagull trying his best to eat this was kind of funny to watch actually..he did eventually give up and put his foot on it on the ground and continued to tear it into smaller pieces and ate to his hearts content.


  1. Oh my goodness - that's such a huge mouthful! Great shot, and yes I was told that a few times when I was a kid! LOL

  2. He's not wanting to waste a single bit! Love the photos!

  3. Too, too funny! Great series, but I love that first shot. The look in his eye says, "I won't share, it's mine. Back off!" I recognize the look from my kids when they were growing up.