Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A ' Humming' day...

Yesterday, I spent a few hours on the patio, shooting the hummers, I have at least 3 coming all day long, they are preparing for the long trip south, I miss them every year. I have feeders at the camp and at home and try to keep them full for them all summer long.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird...
 He heard the `click`of my camera and had to check it out...
 This is a Juvenile, male, see the black spot at his throat, in some poses, red dots did show,
so I googled it to find out, as I had initially thought it was a female..neat stuff !


  1. You see a lot of shots of humming birds flying but you rarely see one of them on a branch. Good job.

  2. Absolutely wonderful shots!! Little birds are the hardest to get good shots of, and you have done splendidly! Think of the size difference between these little guys and the Sandhill Cranes that I have been shooting.

  3. Thanks Opus and Elaine!!
    I actually woke up to finding out that the first pic has been "Explored" on flickr..
    kind of neat I thought...