Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Resident Groundhog...

At camp. along with our 'resident Loons' we also have this fellow, he (and/or his parents) have been around for years, while taking our walk this morning, he raised his head out of his den and greeted me with all kinds of poses, what a cutie, came right up to me, within two feet, (well I was being still and he was eating the grasses in front of me, if I moved, he scurried back to the tree and then would forget I guess and venture close again, made my day!!


  1. What a cute little fella he is! So glad he decided to pose for you.

  2. He's pretty cute! Isn't it fun when something comes close enough for great shots??

  3. Delightful shots! We have groundhogs here too, but they are just a bit more skittish.