Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Woof ! Woof !!

This past weekend was the 4th annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge, a good time was had by all.
One of the information booths was on the St. John`s Ambulance Therapy Dog program. This is a program, where gentle dogs with kind temperments are taken for vists to shut ins or seniors etc. They had quite a few of these great pets for show, so I couldn`t resist taking a few pics of them..so precious, I have more, but here is  a few for today..
Here is Laessy, a Wirehaired Griffon.. what an amazing face, reminded me of an old soul...
 Here is Lucky, an English bulldog..so handsome too..
 and Kai, a 3 year old Australian Herder...look at those beautiful eyes....


  1. Terrific "Pooch Portraits". I really like the eyes too on that Australian Herder!

  2. Cute! That first fellow looks like he has a lot of charm.