Monday, August 20, 2012

Porquis Fall Fair, horse pull and barrel races and more...

Yesterday, hubby and I took in the Porquis Fall Fair, a small community about 62 km. from Timmins, among the festivities were a Horse Pull and Timed Barrel Races. I really enjoyed taking pics of the events, weather was perfect and a great day was had..
There were 11 pairs of horses, 3 in the light weight and 8 pairs in the heavy weight division..some powerful, muscular horses, who love what they do...
Just a few of my favs...

 These two fellows were sharing a joke, I think lol !!


  1. Love those big guys! The weight pulling competitions here are generally dogs.

  2. Great pictures ! Do you have other pics of this events ? I'm the second pic's teamster, and I really appreciate to see that ! Thank you ! :) Hope you'll undestand my poor english, I'm from Quebec !

  3. Hi Chantal!! I remember you well, we so enjoyed this day, I love horses and I had never seen an event like this before. It was truly amazing. I have lots of pics, I took tons that day !! lol
    Your english is good. So nice of you to comment on these pics !!