Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bear Watch...

We have a problem with Black Bears in Timmins, this year.
Seems every area of town has its own bear, some areas have more than one.
We have a big male and also a female and her two cubs at the camp, roam around at nite, mostly
they aren't dangerous unless provoked, it seems, so not a major problem if people would be more bear wise, clean barbecues, no garbage left out, no birdfeeders.
The blue berry crops are terrible this year, is one reason why they are hungry and coming into town
searching for food, sad really.
Here are a few shots that I took the other evening around 10: not great pics due to lighting, but I was glad to get them, he is up a neighbors tree, the cops were called and so I am told, it was tranquilized and removed.
After I had taken a few pics, a fellow came with a huge flashlite, shone it on the bear and up the tree he went, can't blame him, you can just see his 'eye' near the top of this huge tree..


  1. Not good when the blueberry crop is bad and it brings them into town. You definitely have to think about what you do and give them plenty of room. At least it's black bears and not grizzlies, but still they require a lot of respect.

  2. Oh my goodness! We have about 25 Turkey Vultures perching right in town every night...that's enough for me! No bears, thank you.

  3. Wow - that's too close for comfort.