Thursday, September 6, 2012

Merlin Falcon Having his lunch...

My neighbor called me today and told me to get my camera, that there was a Falcon at the end of her driveway eating another bird. I was able to catch a few shots before he flew off with his catch.
Just wondering if the birders out there, may know for sure if it is a Falcon or another bird of prey.
After checking a few bird books and online, I think it could be a juvenile Peregrine or more likely, a Merlin Falcon,  but not sure.
Any information would be appreciated.
I ended up emailing a pic to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation to get a true I.D. and my answer back was a Merlin Falcon...neat stuff...A lifer for me...


  1. Nice photo. I'm not sure on the I.D. Looks like a Merlin.

  2. Yes, you might be right on that one, Mona!!
    definitely similar, thanks!!

  3. Great capture of nature in action!

  4. Bon it looks like a praire falcon, the merlin doesn't have the feathering down the legs. And the praire falcons main diet is small birds.

  5. I can't help with identification, but it's a cool bird!

  6. Thanks everyone, A Merlin it is !!