Sunday, October 28, 2012

A handsome St. Bernard Pup....

At least to me, he is a pup, but a big one, we pulled into a parking spot in the mall and as I love dogs so much , am always ready to take a pic of one. Our dog was with us, so immediately they eyed each other,
I rolled down the window and started taking pics. When I had taken a few, I rolled up the window and opened the door to get out and the truck drove away! The nice man smiles back at me and left, was nice of
him to let me take pics first..wish I knew the dogs name.... oh well!! I will see him again some time...


  1. Cool Shot Bonnie...check out a post I had under the label "Dogs" Its called 1 o'clock Jump...the Bernard is called Basie...He was unbelievable!

  2. Thanks Mari and Ted, I checked it out Ted, and he is one 'handsome' brut!! :)