Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sorry about my absence, its been a busy fall, since my mother-in-law passed in September, I have been sick with an bug which just wouldn't go away, lost a friend suddenly, at age 60, trying to get
into the Christmas spirit and get things done and now to top things off, am having muscle spasms in my lower back...hope the new year brings a bit of  'cheer'....
About a month or so back, my good neighbor, called me, to let me know her Buddy Cat, was not well and she knew he wasn't able to be here much longer, I offered to do a photo shoot of him, he was a real little gem for me. You will recall, she lost her Beagle, Bailey last summer, she loves her pets so much. Buddy did live a good life, and he was not suffering so we had a fun afternoon catching some memories for her and the family. He had to be put down the following week, so was glad to get these great shots for her!! He is with his 'buddy' Rusty, in the second shot, he misses Buddy everyday...


  1. Sweet photos! Hope you're back is better soon. I have a bad back, so I can empathize.

  2. What a beautiful cat he was! I'm sure he's in the special place God has for all his wonderful creatures.

  3. Sounds like you've been having a difficult time and I hope things are looking up for you. How nice that you were able to get such lovely photos of your friend's Buddy.