Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside....

All the talk in the north for the past week (and for the next 6 days ahead) is the 'bitter' cold...
This morning it is -38 C with a windchill of -47 C.
Not for the faint of heart..
Took this fun pic with a touch of  'fisheye' on my new Canon G15..loving it so far..
can't wait til the deepfreeze breaks so I can really get out there with it !!


  1. Now that's some chilly weather! We have +9 morning. But, being Montanans, we're used to about any kind of weather!

  2. Definitely not much fun being out and taking photos when it's cold like that. The camera batteries don't like it either. One thing is for sure you want to know what the shot is going to be before you go out!