Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Hope you all had a great day ! I am sorry if it seems I am ignoring my blog, but I have good reason! A few good reasons actually, the main one is hubby is retiring within the next 7 or 8 months or sooner...depends..and we have decided to move to southern Ontario, near our daughter, her hubby and our grandkids. We are looking at the London, ON area, will go down soon and look around and decide where to settle. We are very excited to say the least... So I am in the process of mucking out, selling, deciding what to keep and what not too, as we won't be buying another house.

This winter in Northern Ontario was bitter cold and we realize we want to be in
 comfortable temperatures for our retirement..and near our grandkids.
So the next while will be busy for me, we are in another coldsnap right now and I haven't been out with my camera at all, but hope to soon, I will be in and out of my blog as time permits, so have patience with me and know that I will be back with more and even a greater selection of pics for your enjoyment..very soon.
I am so excited to know that I won't have to endure -40 to -50 C. temperatures after this month..I will gladly visit in the summer..but never in the winters...
I will be back soon...

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  1. Oh, good for you! I wish our grandkids were closer. Hurry back!