Sunday, August 25, 2013

Miniature Horse Show..Bayfield Fall Festival..

Last weekend, we also spent the morning down at Bayfield, it is only 20 kms or so south of us, had a great time seeing a few of the events and showings, but really loved the miniature horse show, I had never seen these fellows in a show so was really impressed. They had to be 38 inches or shorter to in the event so keep that in mind. Today we are going to the Clinton Raceways, miniature horse are racing there, hope we can catch it.
Here are some of my favorite pics from Bayfields festival..

and my favorite 'regular' size horse was Zeus, an 8 year old of the Morgan Breed..all prettied up for his event.


  1. I've never seen a mini horse in person, but they sure are cute little guys. That Morgan is my favorite: Beautiful!!

  2. Thanks Mona, they are really cute to see..