Thursday, August 15, 2013

Up, Up and away...

Goderich airport has been closed for years, being only 2 kms from our home, we do see and hear planes flying over quite often. We have been told that the airport is still used for some training ( search and rescue out of Trenton), a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to catch one of the huge Hercules transport aircraft, landing, picking up and taking off again, it was a thrill for us..
 He taxied down the runway ..

 the trucks drove up to meet them with cargo to be transferred..
 This is a big hit with the locals..people park all along the highway and side road to watch and take a few pics..
with cargo aboard, off he went...


  1. How exciting! My husband is a pilot, so he'd love this!!

  2. Hubby spent time in the military, so this really excites him too..brings back memories for us too.