Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More 'in my yard'...

As fall slowly, rears its head, there is more movement in my yard too..

 Don't know what kind of spider this fellow is, but he is hanging around..literally !!

 I have at least 3 Ruby-throated hummingbirds coming all day long, drinking me out of house and home, getting ready for the long trip south..
This male was 'EXPLORED' on Flickr today, a treat for me, I won with a hummer a few years ago too...they are a fun bird to photograph...


  1. Beautiful! Your photos are always so vivid and sharp!

  2. Thanks Mona, appreciate the comment..nice to hear, sometimes we take our 'own' photography forgranted and are our own worse critics too !!

  3. The spider shots are nice, but gotta say I prefer the hummers! Fall is definitely in the air here too, with much cooler temps and the leaves beginning to turn color.

    I agree with Mona, your photographs are always wonderful. You do good work!

  4. Thanks Elaine, appreciate your comments so much!!