Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Snowbirds perform...

At the International Plowing Match in Mitchell, On. this week..we drove over on Thursday and spent the day, it was huge and so amazing, we both had a great day. Here is some of my pics of the airshow. Here is a link to the awesome crew and planes involved.
I grew up in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and when I was a teenager, the air force base in Portage was a training base for these and other pilots. This really pulls at my heart strings to see them perform. (the original pilots are long time retired but I still love to see their show)

 These two and three (planes) below, are piggy-backed...amazing to see..

 Upside down..


  1. Very cool photos! You took some really nice ones.

  2. Thanks Mona and Elaine! It was a great show!