Sunday, April 28, 2013

A beautiful park, before and after..

Well things are moving along, we have found a place to retire and bought a home in Goderich, Ontario, as I have mentioned before, our daughter and family are in London, On and Guys brother and wife are in Goderich, so wanted to be in this area to be generally close to both...with many photo ops in between.
We are so pleased with how things are going so far, we spent a week in Southern Ontario, looking around and settled on this area. Right on Lake Huron, it is beautiful,
and just a few hours from London, St. Jacobs, Stratford, Sarnia, did I mention, Point Pelee Provincial Park too, the day trips will be incredible.
The birding will be amazing, not to mention the rest of the wild life in that area. I couldn't be more excited.
Tomorrow our house here, goes up for sale and the camp opens in two weeks and it will be going up too, and hopefully if things work out, we should be there and settled by the end of June..
We are so busy, packing and downsizing, I am not getting much camera time in, but have a few to show you, I promise I will make up for it come the summer...

Sometimes from the bad, comes some good!!
Here are a few pics from the Park that was hit by the tornado in Goderich in 2011, one life was lost and many, many beautiful, hundreds of year old trees were broken and uprooted during the storm.
Here is a pic of a dedication to the fellow who lost his life, and also professional wood carvers came in and carved these beautiful statues out of the remaining parts of some trees, the work is amazing..
The city of Goderich is working non stop to rebuild and beautify the town again, they just finished planting 75 soft wood and hard wood trees in the downtown area alone so it is coming along.