Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lobster fishing in P.E.I...

This was also a treat for us in P.E. I. while at a wharf, a few boats started taking their turns coming in..

we went up on a bridge crossing the waterway, to a view I will never forget, looking down
we watched the crew unloading the fresh lobsters..they sorted through them, picking the undesirable ones and putting them in a separate tote, but most were accepted and passed..

Here the Ministry of Fisheries officers, not sure if this is the official name of these fellows in that province but they were keeping an eye on goings on, while the lobster are hauled off the boat to...

waiting trucks on the left side..then to be transported to the local restaurants. It was so neat to see the process first hand.


  1. Very interesting! I love Lobster, but don't get to have it very often -it's so expensive, and living in Montana, it's not the best place to order it.

  2. As Mona says, very interesting. You captured the process very well.