Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Animal fencing in New Brunswick...

While driving along the Trans Canada highway in New Brunswick, we noticed this fencing, for km's at a time, not knowing why or what for, I have since googled it. Interesting stuff, I read, deathes due to the moose/vehicle accidents are extreme in some areas and this fencing is in place to keep the moose back.
This first pic shows a 'one way gate' whereby I assume if the moose does get through the fencing, it can return through the gate safely.


  1. Interesting! They're everywhere around Fairbanks, AK too. Our daughter had one get over the garden fence last winter. When I lived there, the Moose were seen right in town, laying outside the library window.

  2. We do have quite a few collisions with moose here also especially when the bugs start in the spring, thats interesting too,that this fencing is elsewhere, I had never seen or heard of it, thanks Mona !!

  3. That fencing is really interesting and I have never seen any like that either. I assume this is mainly along the stretches of road that are freeway. As Mona said, we have a lot of moose here in Fairbanks, and there are many moose/car collisions, also moose/train collisions. Usually a charitable organization is called and they harvest the moose for places like the Rescue Mission. It is amazing how high a fence a moose can get over, especially if there is cabbage on the other side!