Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice fishing is big in Northern Ontario..

Our son loves it and gets out whenever he can, his brother-in-law has one of these huts set up on a lake, and I am told it is quite comfortable inside, some have a small wood stove and seats to sit and wait. The point is that they make a hole through the ice with an ice auger, and drop their fishing lines down with bait on it, and wait !! I assume this one has a small woodstove, with the pipe showing. Click on pics to enlarge...too..
 Caught these fellows on Porcupine Lake getting set up, the fellow on the right is actually checking his lines right now, and you can see the sticks sticking out of the ice in a few other places where they also have lines down, there is usually a Tip-up, on the line which sometimes has a bell or a flag on it, to let you know a fish is nibbling..and you can bring the line in, hopefully with a fish on the other end. :) We have went a few times with our friends and I have actually caught a good size fish, I will have to dig out the picture. ha!
I love this pic too as it shows a skidooer in the background, flying across the frozen lake.. it is currently -18 C. with a windchill of -26 C. so this picture truly shows a fun day in Northern Ontario and how 'tough' we are !! lol...


  1. There's lots of ice fishing at a nearby lake here too. Personally, I'm much too afraid to go out on the ice - I don't care how thick it is. Saw a movie once where someone got caught under the ice - not for me.

  2. Very interesting post Bonifer; being a florida girl I don't know much about ice fishing.

  3. My Dad likes to do this. I'm not a fan of the cold, and don't have the patience to just sit and wait, so this is not my thing!

  4. I know what you mean Mona and Mari, I don't go very often for these reasons, and it has to be really nice out before I do.
    Mamabug,the winters are quite long here, so people have to enjoy winter 'sports'to get through it, it does pass the time. Some people are avid fishermen and absolutely live for it..
    No bugs anyway..ha!