Sunday, May 15, 2011

A small beauty...

Seems this pic has disapeared, possibly with the earlier problems with blogger..
An American Goldfinch, so yellow, so pretty!! We sometimes call them 'wild canaries'
I have added a second pic too..
the male...
 the female ( I think) usually all yellow, this one does have a dark tinge to her top, so could be a juvenile male too..
 and this gal is having a bad day... ha!


  1. Beautiful and so did we!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Lovely photo! He does look like a canary. Sadly, it seems like all the bright colored birds don't come this far north.

  3. They're beautiful. They winter here, but aren't quite so bright. Great shots.

  4. They sure brighten up our backyards don't they? Nice series.

  5. I love these birds...we have a lot of them here. Every day I see 5-6 at my feeders...but it's hard to get good shots with my point and shoot. Yours are great! Love that last one...she's definitely sporting an attitude. ;)

  6. Great photos, wonderful yellow bird.

  7. Thank you everyone, they are truly a pretty bird and very welcome in my yard in the spring.
    Welcome Bengts, visit often!