Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does this mean...

Fall is in the air, I hope not !!!


  1. We are seeing signs here. The geese on their southward journey, the fireweed turning to fluff, a few trees with a touch of yellow, and the worst of all, frost warnings last night and tonight for low lying areas. Yesterday and today were very cool, and this after having temperatures well above normal and no rain for a long time until last Wednesday, and then just a bit. At least there was enough to cool down the wildfires in the area so we don't have smoke in town any more. It's not unheard of to get frost here in mid-August, just very annoying when it does happen, and then it's nice again until the end of September, but all the flowers are gone.

  2. It has felt like fall here too a couple times. That's a great photo of the leaf (Maple leaf?). But yesterday, it was 92. That's too hot for me. I LOVE fall.

  3. Yes its a maple leaf, I agree 92 is very hot, I can handle it for a few days then I have had enough to, montanagirl, but this year has been such a cool and wet summer up here that we welcome any kind of heat as fall is approaching far too quickly !!
    I love fall too !!