Friday, January 22, 2010


Couldn't resist this, one morning this week, after a fresh snowfall, it was 7: in the morning, hubby went out first and when I seen his footprints, a light went on....I walked the opposite to him..... I just liked it ...went in the front door and back out the back with my camera...just how my mind works sometimes !! :)


  1. Tracks in the snow are always interesting! You were having fun and I think that's an important part of photography.

  2. I see a couple slippery spots be careful and you might as
    well try to enjoy the snow while you have it, and it looks like you have quite a bit of it!

  3. Thanks gals !!! Jen we still have a fair bit of snow and much more to come before winter is finished, its actually been a mild winter so far, for Northern Ontario !!