Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few birds today at H.L....

Haha, this is the best I could get today of a female Pine Grosbeak, she was trying to ignore me !!
A Hairy Woodpecker today, a beautiful day outside at -3 c.The Pine Grosbeaks were busy too !

A busy Nuthatch, I love how I caught the PB in mid air in his mouth in the second photo, and notice the tongue !! neat !! :)


  1. Very nice series! Love the Pine Grosbeak shots.

  2. Lovely series of shots! I'm hoping to be seeing more kinds of birds here before long.

  3. LOVE'em all!!!
    First time i saw that tongue was on a Red-bellied woodpecker in one of my pictures. I had no idea they had those. ha.
    I don't have one of those Grosbeaks, tell him to come visit. ;)