Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few from the start of our holidays...

We are still on holidays and I have a ton of pics, but not too much time to edit and post so it will be sporatic for another while, but enjoy as you come along with us...we are now in Halifax, N.S. just to show you how many I have... I am so happy, have gotten so many great ones and not done yet. enjoy !!
We left Timmins, On on Friday June 11th... with our puppy-girl and trailer, camping along the way...we love camping..the weather has been awesome, a bit breezy in P.E.I and now N.S. but still nice and warm and beautiful. I have gotten some awesome shots as you will see, some pure luck... the 'camera Gods' have been good to me!!! lol
So follow me on my journey...
Here are two moose on the side of the road, outside Matheson, On. there were three, but 1 took off, a lady in another vehicle told us, but I was happy with these two.
A few practicing parachuters from Petawawa,On...
and the true birder that I am, a Killdeer near Renfrew, On. One thing I have realized on this trip is 'once a birder, always a birder' and you will see later...why I say that..

Also a Silver Maple outside of Renfrew, On.

As I said I will post as I can....:)

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