Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My daughter came over this morning with the kiddies, while she was here, she took a picture of one of my pinecones I have for peanut butter and seeds for the birds, it reminded me they needed to be filled...I have lots of suet out, suet and peanut butter too, but I usually fill these two with a mixture of just seeds and pb. Looks so inviting with the 'snow caps'...won't be long before the birds will find these...

 I don't usually post 'busy' pics, but this one is cute, caught the Chickadee, leaving the suet ball, note to self  'move the wooden butterfly on the fence'...ha...


  1. The pinecones look so pretty and I know the birds will be happy!

  2. Love that Chickadee shot! Beautiful wings.

  3. Love your fotos. I put out suet and never gave a thought to pinecones will consider that next winter.

  4. What is that bag your suet is in? Is it made for that?
    I like it.

  5. Thank you for the comments everyone,I loved the wingspread too, Mona, so neat.
    Welcome to my blog, Lady Jane, come back often, and the birds love the PB with the seeds mixed in, is a real treat for them.
    Haha, Jen, it is just an onion bag, we can buy 2 pound or 5 pounds of onions or oranges etc, and this is the bag they come in..a net type, but is perfect for the suet mixture !!

  6. I like the pinecone idea for feeding the birds. I plan to give this a try real soon.