Thursday, February 17, 2011

Horse and wagon rides...

also at the carnival. When I checked out the 'horse and wagon rides' mentioned in the weekend schedule, I was in for another pleasant surprise. Upon arriving, at the mall, the owners were in the process of getting the horses ready for the morning ride, so I had time to chat with them. The two horses, I discovered were Canadian Horses, inherently only to Canada. First off I noticed how strong, and sturdy looking they were, I asked the lady if they were considered a 'workhorse' and she informed me of the breed, which I had never heard of. To read more on these gals, they were both female and pregnant,I have added this link for you.
She also invited me out to the farm in the late spring to 'meet' the new babies and see the rest of the horses, owned.
They live out in Matheson, Ontario, which is about 40 miles east of Timmins. looking forward to the visit!!


  1. They're sure pretty. LOVE horses. Always have.

  2. What beautiful horses and I love their gear too!

  3. Thanks everyone, and welcome to my blog, Gorges!!