Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A couple of firsts for me...

Yesterday I took a walk at Hersey Lake with another 'Birder' lady friend, she spotted this Three-toed Woodpecker, near the path, we managed to shoot a few shots before walkers and their dogs came by and he took off, needless to say I was very happy to get what I got, Thanks to Corinne for the nice morning.
 Another first for me is this Yellow-rumped Warbler..
 Even with the branch in the way, I still wanted to show his markings


  1. Wow, Bonifer that Three Toed Woodpecker that is really something!! Boom& Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Lovely photos! Whenever you post a bird I haven't seen I have to check and see if it comes to Interior Alaska. My Alaska bird book has the Three-toed Woodpecker as uncommon, but perhaps I'll get lucky. As for the Yellow-rumped Warbler, they are common here, and I've been seeing and hearing lots in my backyard. My photos of them so far this year have not been that great, but I'll keep trying.

  3. It's always such a joy to spot new birds. Good job w/ the photos.

    May I ask what camera and lens you use for your wonderful bird pics? I'm not ready to splurge yet, but when I am, I want a camera that has the capability yours does. ---Actually what I need is your skill with the kind of camera you use. ---Baby steps. :)

  4. Your bird shots are awesome!

  5. Beautiful photos! That Three Towed WP is pretty cool! I've had two lifers in the last two days. A female Evening Grosbeak, and a Western Tanager. I posted the Grosbeak today - the Tanager will be tomorrow.

  6. Thanks everyone, I was so pleased to especially get shots of 'lifers' for me, what a great feeling!!
    Michelle I will post info on your blog!! ;)