Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Northern Flying Squirrels...

at camp.. If you were following my blog last summer, you will remember these fellows from our camp.
I love when they start coming, for those who aren't aware of them, they are a nocturnal squirrel, who don't really fly but actually 'glide' from tree to tree, with the help of furry membranes on each side of their body. I put peanuts out nightly, when we are there, and usually by 11: p.m., they show up..
these are quick pics I took on the weekend, hoping to get more and possible 'catch' them in the gliding motion at some point...they are very comfortable with me, standing in front of them, taking a few shots.

 This one shows the 'furry membrane', known as the patagium...


  1. Great shots! You did good! They are such an interesting little critter.

  2. Bon these are awesome. Those little critters are beautiful. Their tails are quite different from the ordinary squirrel.

  3. Thanks Mona and Mama!!! They are so different and such a treat to see!!

  4. Whoa...what a thrill. I've never seen one of these before. I can imagine the thrill of catching them with your camera. Nice going!

  5. Thanks Michelle, it is a real treat for sure, love to catch them!!