Monday, June 1, 2009

A few "locals" in my yard today...

A Hairy Woodpecker at my suet, its been awhile since he's been here..and of course old faithful, a their song !!
Here is a new visitor this year, a Purple Finch, I love his curious look..

I had originally thought this was a Sparrow, not sure now if it is or possibly a female Purple Finch..I know the coloring is similar, what do you think?

I just liked this pic with the male in the background, wish I would have thought to get 'her' completely in the pic, but is still kind of neat, one of those "keepers" just for the love of it !!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. Your photos are beautiful. I love all those birds and the ducks. Very nice here. I really enjoyed my visit.


  2. These are very nice. I think it is really fun to get photos of the critters that visit your backyard. They may not always be the showy guys, but because they come to you they are special. The woodpecker photo is very good. I like the way he has a little bit of suet on his bill. What a messy eater. As to the ID on the the last two photos, we don't get purple finches this far north, but it certainly looks like the photo of a female purple finch in my National Geographic Field Guide. The last photo is fun. It kind of puts him with his fancy plumage in the background and says we know who is really important here.

  3. Thanks Cindy, come back often !!
    and thanks Elaine, I tend to think it is the female also !!

  4. Great great shots=I like the last one too; a keeper.
    I think that is a female finch-I have several and they are always with their mate.

  5. I like your shots of these familiar birds. I always have problems distinguishing between Purple and House Finches. I have to wait and look at the tops of the heads of the male and if I see a patch of brown there then I know it is a House Finch. I think you got a Purple as you suggested.

    The other is a female finch and since the male is there I would guess it is the female. My hairy woodpeckers have not come here this year so far. In fact I am having problems keeping my Red-bellied Woodpeckers around.

    Thanks for coming to My Birds Blog and for your generous comments.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Birds Blog.

  6. I think the one you questioned about is female Purple Finch. Great series. Love the last one.

  7. Beatiful pictures , thanks you.

  8. You are very welcome, Alexandra,
    and thank you for the nice comments too!!

  9. Great Bird Pictures.
    It is wonderful to have a good eye and a good camera.
    We had a Whimbrel in town last week.
    Lynn got some great pictures I posted a couple in my blog