Sunday, June 14, 2009

A young Moose...

A curious moose, was wandering away, but decided to turn around and take another look at me!!


  1. Nice shot of the moose! I like the way he's looking back at you. We had a mom and her yearling cross the road in front of us yesterday but they were across and down the bank into the trees so fast that by the time I picked up my camera they were gone.

  2. Love the Moose shot. The last one we saw was at the Bowdoin NWR on May 10th. They are a rarity around here.

  3. Thanks girls, we see a lot of moose on the highways this time of year, as the blackflies are driving them out of the bush, just coming home which is about 500km. we seen 3 different ones on the sides of the road. When driving at night, you really have to watch in some areas, as, sadly, they cross the roads and get hit, not a pretty sight