Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The last of my Newpost pics...

This is probably my favorite one, its just the tall grasses, surrounding the upper part of the falls, when we hiked up to the top, I was amazed to see how the ice had covered the grasses.

A huge rock and next a stump sitting out in the middle while the waters swirl around it, splashing up and freezing !


  1. Just beautiful! It's amazing what ice can do.

  2. Awesome! It was a great trip. Let's do it again sometime.

  3. It was very neat to see, Elaine, it was a perfect time of year to see the process of 'ice crystal formation', as the snow hasn't started to fall and stay yet, so it is strictly the mist etc, freezing in the around zero temperatures.
    Lynn, It was definitely a great trip !! Another great 'photo op' lol

  4. I shall enjoy all the ice and crystals...right here...unless we have another 28 deg night at Silver Glen Springs (water 72) and the mist freezes on the boat..as it did last year.