Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few from the harbour..

We absolutely loved Halifax harbour, we actually stayed a few extra days there, so we could go back every day, the ships were coming in for the 100 th anniversary of the Canadian Navy, and were very impressive, I have some pics of the first few ships which had arrived while we were there, but that will be another post.
Here is a very busy restaurant at the harbour, built on 'stilts' because of the rising of the tides. This Police lady was doing her rounds on the harbour and graciously smiled for me, this horse was so muscular, what a beauty !

Ahh !! Beavertails, very popular in Ottawa, they are a fried dough pastry, each hand stretched to resemble a beaver's tail and topped with various condiments such as sugar, cinnamon, chocolate etc, Mmmmmmm!!

These people were enjoying a ride on the harbour, I think this fellow would really need a 'Guinness' after his shift everyday, hard work !! :)


  1. I can see why you stayed a few extra days! Are the BeaverTails just in Ottawa or are they other places in Canada too? They sound yummy!

  2. I think they are in other places too, Elaine, too good for just one city !!!