Monday, April 18, 2011

A ducky day...

Enjoyed my afternoon, went down by the river to see what I could find..I done good !!
Although they were all on the other side of the river, I was quite pleased with my first shots of the season!
A Male Common Merganser...
 He took off so I managed to get him flying...
 Here are 2 male Common Merganser and the 'brown tufted' female too..
 I managed to get this couple as they were taking off too, a male Hooded Merganser ( female in the front)
 Although this one reminds me of a male and female Mallard, the purplish head on the male is throwing me off, and I can't see it in my books, any ideas??


  1. I don't know what those bottom ones are but you sure got some great shots!

  2. They are mallards...the purple is just the light!

  3. I think maybe they are Mallards. Sometimes I've gotten photos of Mallards and with just the right light, their heads look purplish instead of green - but what do "I" know? Nice shots.

  4. Ok, thanks Ted and Mona, mallards they are!!
    Neat to see the purple anyway!!