Thursday, May 6, 2010

And the winner is....

This is a re-post of my Rockin' Robin pic, just had to show you again,
I was very excited the other day, when I answered the telephone,
the young man on the phone, said, I had won !!!
To back up a bit, CTV news from Sudbury, Ontario, have a monthly feature, send in your
weather-related photo and if they show it during the daily weather segment, you have a chance to
win a monthly prize. Well I have won for April !! A two night stay at the Day's Inn Hotel and breakfast at Spencers Bistro !! (their food is excellent I hear)
So sometime soon we will be going down and enjoy my winnings !!!
I didn't even enter to win, I just enjoy showing my favorite pics, so others can enjoy
my hobby as I do,
so it was a pleasant surprise for me !
Thank You CTV news!!


  1. Congratulations!!
    Duncraft is having another photo contest-
    I will post on my blog soon.

  2. Oh, that's just a great photo! Good work, and congrats on your win. I'm often hesitant about posting my pictures too, like the Featured Shooter yesterday. I don't ever want my blogger buddies to think I'm patting myself on the back - it's just fun sharing pix and good news!

  3. Congratulations - I can see why you won - great shot. And love that little splash from his right foot.

  4. Hooray! It's always fun to win something. I love the photo--the Robin looks a bit disgusted with all the water.....