Monday, May 10, 2010

My catch for today..

Caught this fellow today, he was swimming away from me, when I started clicking, he heard me and turned and scurried back into the culvert, which was great as 'he was coming towards me' now, I was trying to focus on him, and he was rushing, but I was still very pleased with my catch. Notice he has a fish in his mouth too....
Not sure if it is a Mink or Marten or what, any ideas???


  1. Nice catch by both of you.

  2. Not sure what he is, but you sure caught a nice photo of him!

  3. Nice capture! You must have been really excited to get such a great shot.

    I would guess that it is a mink, mainly because of the stream and fish. I am basing this on the differences noted in my Alaska wildlife book, and I would think those would hold true in Canada also. They are similar in size and color, and martens are usually found in the uplands while mink are more associated with streams and coastal areas. Martens depend on voles, mice, berries, small birds, eggs and vegetation. Red squirrels are reported to be a major food source, but that doesn't seem to be the case in Alaska. The mink will eat virtually anything they can catch and kill, including fish, birds, birds eggs, insects, crabs, clams and small mammals.

  4. Thanks so much, Elaine, I figured it was but wasn't sure. I did side to it being a Mink also, because of the size and ears etc, thanks again..