Saturday, May 8, 2010

Got his eye on me...

We so take sparrows for granted, but they are actually a pretty bird, this White-throated Sparrow shows off his 'yellow' eyebrows, they love to forage under the feeders for droppings !
The Male Brown-headed Cowbird is a bully at the feeder, even gives me the evil eye, when I am near ! Does he not realize, I fill the damn feeders !! LOL


  1. Nice pix! He really is giving you the evil eye, isn't he?

  2. Perhaps he wants gourmet food and you aren't cooperating.....

  3. Yes the sparrow is actually quite nice - guess we treat them like dandelions of the bird family.

    And that cowbird! Wow - looks like he came off the set of Hitchcock's "The Birds"! Scary.