Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet Thumper...

Special Constable Thumper is a 14 year old Standard Bred Mare,
shown here with Constable Brad Palmer of the Timmins Police.
With the advent of the 100th anniversary, of both the City of Timmins and the Timmins police service,
it was decided to have a mounted officer at various community celebrations and events this year.
So a partnership was established with the Timmins Therapeutic Riding Association and the Timmins
police service.
Formerly a harness racer, she has also been used as a therapeutic riding horse since she was two.
Being very gentle and accustomed to crowds and children, she will be used in strictly a ceremonial role
It was a real treat for me to catch up with her at the Kayak Challenge along the Mattagami River Park on Saturday.


  1. She's lovely and it's a nice touch to have a mounted police officer to celebrate your 100th. Back then that was just standard transportation.