Thursday, July 16, 2009

Allllll Aboard....

For a 'floral' view of Niagara on the Lake, a small community less than 15 kms, from the falls. This area "takes you back" with its small shops and bakeries, just a pleasure to walk down this street and see all the floral displays. This is my favorite spot around Niagara!!
So grab an ice cream cone, jump on the local "horse and carriage" with me and see the beautiful floral displays that I seen and enjoyed. I have no idea what some of the flowers are called, native to that area I assume!! Pretty!!


  1. Beautiful.
    Makes me home sick.
    That was my summer playground when we were children. We spent most of the summer in Niagara on the lake & the winter in St. Catharines. Family had a small cottage on the river close to the golf course.
    We use to swim in the Niagara River all the time.....Lynn

  2. It sure is a lovely area, Lynn !! You were a lucky girl for sure....

  3. I enjoyed taking the tour with you. This really looks like a lovely spot. We might possibly get to Niagra Falls on our travels this fall so I'll put Niagara on the Lake on the list of places to go. I don't suppose the flowers won't be quite so lovely then though.