Friday, July 10, 2009

A few visitors to...

Our campsite in Owen Sound, Ontario, a few days ago,
this is what I just love about taking our trailer and staying in parks
instead of a hotel room. When the weather is nice we always trailer
it rather than the hotel thing, people are very friendly and you never
know 'who will come and visit'...:)


  1. Great visitors. I see you keep a supply of snacks on hand for your guests. These guys really posed nicely for you! Good work.

  2. Fantasic shots,looks like you have some lovely Wild guest.

  3. Haha!! Thanks guys for the nice comments, and yes Elaine, I never leave home without them!!! :)

  4. Great Bunny and BJ shots! I haven't seen a Blue Jay in several years now.Thanks for sharing.