Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Floral Clock...

Another popular tourist spot in Niagara Falls, is the Floral Clock, it is a working clock with literally hundreds if not thousands of flowers on it. Beautiful!!
And in front of the clock is a wishing well with fish in it.
You can sit on the ledge, get your pic taken, enjoy the fish and young and old alike were tossing coins in the water, making wishes!!
You can judge how large it is by the size of the people in the first picture.


  1. Beautiful photographs! The last lily is exquisite. Interesting juxtaposed with coins!

  2. Love the clock and all the photos. Good job!

  3. That floral clock has been around a long time. I went to Niagra Falls and Niagra on the Lake in '82 I think it was~~ it is big and beautiful!

  4. Yes the clock has been there since 1950, and was I off, they actually use upwards of 15,000 bedding plants every year for, thanks for all the nice comments everyone!! :)