Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is this not the greatest invention yet...

We just bought this one before Christmas last year, so going down to Owen Sound and over to Niagara Falls, was the first 'official' tryout for it....what can I say !! It is awesome, it talks to you, tells you ahead of time where to turn, a few times we figured "she", the voice was getting upset with us, after hearing "recalculating" for the third time, we were convinced her voice was rising and we heard a distinct "tsk"..but all in all we loved it..won't leave home without it when travelling. I was always the navigator, you know, 'turn here' whoops, I meant there, oh well'..
haha!! no more of that !! I realize we are probably the last people to buy a GPS as they are quite common now, and I sure am glad we got on the band wagon too!!!


  1. That's what hubby and I need in the car when we travel. I've always got us "mapped" out, but one of these would be very handy.

  2. I'm thinking of getting one before we head down the Alcan this fall, but I think there are long stretches where it won't work there. But--basically you just follow the road so not much chance of getting lost!