Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A fun-filled weekend....

This past weekend was our 2nd annual Kayak Challenge and Festival, the weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time, Kayakers came from far and wide to be involved in this and a good time was had by all. Here a group of Kayakers preparing for their event, our Mayor is amongst them, all rested and ready to 'paddle'!!

On Sunday, to finish the festival of fun, the annual 'Duck Race' took place ...each duck was $5.00 and the proceeds went to the local Alzheimer Society of Timmins, And of course, if your duck was the first, second or third over the finish line, you won either $2000., $1000. or $500.
It was a fun event..here a group of people threw the ducks off the bridge and the race began.

This was cute, a female Mallard got in the race too, she couldn't figure out who all these yellow friends were or where they were going...

There was a soft breeze which did help with the current of the river, although it did take an hour and a half before the winners were announced. I think that is mine in the left corner, going the other way, I didn't win anyway!! :)
We didn't see the end of the race as we did have to leave early, but was neat to see...and look forward to entering again next year!!


  1. That's pretty cute with the Mallard in the picture. She probably was wondering which baby was hers!!

  2. Great photos of the rubber ducky race. The one with the Mallard is really cute. We have a rubber ducky race here too as part of our Golden Days celebration in July. I always buy tickets, but my ducks never seem to win. I think they take the route less traveled and explore all the little eddies along the bank.

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