Friday, August 6, 2010

Hummer today...

He is a little more comfortable with me today...but still keeping an eye on me !! This is a male, not the same one as yesterday but both were around the feeder today again ! Will post more holiday pics next week...:)


  1. The green feathers are totally clear in this photo. I know almost nothing about hummingbirds, (naturally, we don't have them) but this one is such a detailed shot I know at least what they look like.

  2. Thanks you so much, Jen and Friko !
    Friko, they are such a small bird, very quick, and I enjoy them so much in our yard.
    We, being in Northern Ontario, don't have alot of the colorful birds that Southern Ontario, the United States or warmer climates have, so this one is very special to northerners !! :)

  3. Beautiful! Here in Interior Alaska we don't get any hummingbirds, so I am enjoying seeing yours. I enjoyed them when I lived on the West Coast and I miss seeing them. I always have to laugh when I am in the chain stores and they have hummingbird feeders. They adjust their inventories to carry cold weather gear and such, but for some reason always seem to carry the hummingbird feeders. Perhaps they sell some of them because we have a large military population who may not realize that the hummers don't come this far north.