Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sandhill Cranes...

Took a few pics of the Sandhill Cranes a few days ago, they are at the 'end of my lens' but
was pleased with what I got anyway...


  1. Nice! Aren't they fun to watch dancing? The field in your photos looks very similar to what I see at Creamer's Field here in Fairbanks, although we are beginning to see a bit of yellow in the trees. It won't be long until the Cranes and Geese and a lot of other birds head south, but while it lasts I've been out as much as possible to get photos.

  2. Don't blame you Elaine, I am out as much as I can be too. I love Fall but Winter is right behind it. :(

  3. Very nice - I can't even get "that" close to Cranes where I live. Next year we plan to go up to Fairbanks for the Crane Festival.