Monday, August 30, 2010

Mystery Solved....

Back on July 21, I posted a few pics of this breed of horse, from a local farm in the area. This past weekend, we had Kayak races and festival here in town, and they also had fun stuff for the younger crowd such as face painting, a few rides and of course, horse rides. Recognizing the horses as that same breed, (they are not from the same farm though) I asked the owner, what type of breed they are. I was pleased to find out they are called Norwegian Fjord's. They are a small but very strong breed originating in Norway. They are definitely a beautiful horse!!


  1. He's beautiful, and does look really strong!

  2. I find myself wondering how long it take to manetain (a play on words here) that well-groomed mane!

  3. Yes very muscular, Mona, they are so beautiful.
    Kathy, good play on words for sure! haha!!