Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beaver in reflection..

Here is a pic of the Lake where the rest of these pics were taken.. He was swimming back and forth, pretty much ignoring us, although he was at the end of my
Canon sx10is 20x zoom, I was quite pleased with the pics and the 'colorful water' around him..it was also a clear and beautiful day...

Here is the 'downside' of Beavers, especially for cottagers...they can be very destructive...


  1. Great shots! The lake is beautiful and it's nice to see the picture of what they do too, even though it can make a mess!

  2. Hello, I stopped in for a visit from another blog I follow - Artic View - and enjoyed seeing your recent posts of fall colors. They are so lovely this time of year. We are currently on a road trip through parts of Maine to catch some of the fall colors. Please feel free to visit our blog ad we reallly enjoy drop-in visitors at http://thefrogandpenguinn.blogspot.com/

  3. Thanks Mari and Beatrice for the nice comments.
    Will definitely stop by your blog too, Beatrice.