Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Saturday drive...

The beauty of Tamarack trees along the highway... the needles turn bright yellow and fall off in the fall... As a child, I rode on the train, a lot with my mom, (it was a common mode of transportation)in the 50's...someday I hope to take a 'train ride' again.....


  1. I think a train ride would be fun. It's been years since I rode "Amtrak". But the thing with riding a train is you can let your attention wander, you can get up and move around - let someone else worry about what's around the next bend!

  2. Beautiful shots! We had some Tamarack trees that I had planted as little seedlings at our last house. They had grown very tall, and I always enjoyed their change in color in the fall. That shot down the track just seems to be calling you to take a train ride.